Happy Monday!

I have several pieces of great economic news to share and report below. We had a productive and exciting week! Last week I flew in a top coach who advises 24 of the Forbes top 50 agents nationally to meet with our Team last Thursday and Friday. He tested us, reviewed our business goals, plans, and pretty much sent us through a 48 hour Real Estate boot camp. We all LOVED it! I felt it was just the kick start we needed to launch into this New Year. I’m sure you will start noticing the affects of it soon!
I also just received word that our newest commercial line that was launched on News Channel 19 mid January, will be running during the Super Bowl!!! Be on the look out. We’re ready for the games! **Also note the Trivia question below**

I’ve received several humbling e-mails and visits from readers saying they enjoy when I discuss some of the personal things that go on in my life almost as much as the market updates! Surprises me a little, but hey, I do feel my life is entertaining! So, here is my morning…What a way to start off the day. Gorgeous and Sunny…and my car didn’t start. I quickly realized I can allow this to affect me one of two ways. One, get grumpy and think “what a way to start a horrible Monday OR find something to be thankful for.
I was surprised how quickly a flood of fun and positive things came to my mind! Now I can honestly tell you, I was a little surprised, as this is something I have been working on for a couple years. This wasn’t my “natural” state of mind even a year ago. However, with constant thought and practice it actually HAS become my natural state of mind. I was so excited at that revelation this morning! I was proud to see how this affected my kids, as well. First my sweet Abigail’s reaction was “Oh Nooo, we’re going to be late for school!” I didn’t react. Instead I calmly pulled out my AAA card and dialed. “Could I please get a jump this morning” was my only statement to the friendly voice on the other line. She asked if I had my kids with me (I’m sure she heard them in the background). I told her, “I sure do”! “We’ll be right there Ms. Howard, we understand you don’t want to be too late for school so we will do our best to be there in 30 minutes.” I thanked her and hung up, and told the girls “Guess what! You can finish that show you were watching!” YAAAYYY and off they ran. I then thought to myself, hmmm and now I can actually have a hot breakfast! As I was cooking my egg white Santa Fe omelet (my favorite), I had another wave of thanks. I felt I needed to be thankful as this could have been a divine reason to keep my daughters and I off the road and out of harms way for a thirty minute period of time. So, I had a delicious hot breakfast, the girls had a leisurely morning before school, we all arrived safe and sound, and now I’m enjoying sitting here spilling my thoughts onto the screen while sipping my delicious coffee. I am so thankful for this opportunity you all have provided me with in doing what I truly love. All I can say as a close is….”What a way to start the day”!

Have an awesome week!


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